Holiday Shopping with a Low-Interest Credit Card

2.99% APR*

ALL Purchases

ALL Cardholders

Earn points & REWARD yourself!**


DOUBLE POINTS for Balance Transfers!***


  • NO Annual Fee
  • NO Transaction Fee
  • NO Cash Advance Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Minimum Interest Charge


*Annual Percentage Rate.  Applies to all purchases made with your new NET Visa Credit Card from 11/23/18 through and including 12/31/18. Fixed rate for six months from the date of each individual purchase. Rates return to the current variable rate following the six month promotional period.

**Promotion begins 7/1/17 for all NET Platinum Preferred Rewards cardholders. 1 point for every dollar spent at select merchants. Some exclusions apply. Promotion could end at any time. Equal Opportunity Lender.

***Promotion applies to all platinum preferred cardholders. Limited time only.