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How To Enable Push Notifications in Digital Banking

You can get notified when different transactions occur in your accounts. Have Direct Deposit set up? You could get notified when your paycheck has been deposited into you account! 

1. Login or Register for Digital Banking: https://www.netcreditunion.com/digital_banking

2. Once logged in on the app, open the menu on the left hand side. Scroll down and select the Settings widget.
(If the widget does not appear on the menu, click the Others tab, then select the Settings widget.)

Step 2, Settings

4. Next, click the Notifications tab.


5.Once you’ve opened the Notifications tab, scroll down to Automatic Deposit Alert.

  • There are several other transaction alerts that you can choose to enable as well!
Step 3, Automatic Deposit Alerts

6.Once you are in Automatic Deposit Alerts, switch the Push Notifications to On.
(Android users may have to click “change” to open delivery method settings.)

  • There are other delivery methods for notifications as well. You can choose from, email, text, push, or enable all of them.
Skip a pay payment options

Click here to see how to enable notifications from the Desktop Version.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Member Service Center at 570-961-5300 or info@netcreditunion.com